The driver and the additional driver must have a driving license issued at least one year before the rental date. The license should have been issued by a European Union country. In the case of a third country, the driver must hold an International Driving License which must be accompanied by his / her driving license. Both drivers must present their driver’s license, a valid identity card or passport when renting. All documents must be genuine. Copies are not accepted, rent cannot be made and no deposit is refundable. In addition, you must have your credit or debit card with you in order to be charged the appropriate amount of guarantee.

Only drivers mentioned in the contract are allowed to drive the car. You can add additional guides to your contract. This should be done during the process of completing your contract. An additional guide can also be added during the hire upon consultation with the company. The additional driver should have the necessary documents.

Regardless of the payment method (credit card, debit card or cash) the guarantee is set at 400 euros. When paying in cash, then the total cost of renting, including possible additional charges (insurance, special equipment, etc.) should be paid. When paying by credit or debit card, the total cost of renting, including possible additional charges (insurance, special equipment, etc.) will have to be paid. There should be sufficient margin on your credit / debit card to cover all charges.

In case you wish to pick-up or drop-off the car to a different point of service than originally agreed, you should contact the company in time. There may be a higher charge.

It is possible to inform the company in time and on condition that there is a rental vehicle available. There may be a higher charge depending on the vehicle category.

Cancellation of the reservation is free up to 7 days prior to the rental date and you will be refunded your deposit. If the cancellation is made less than 7 days before the rental begins, the deposit will not be refunded. A confirmed rent that is not made due to invalid or missing documents, non-show of the customer, a speedy departure of the customer or a cancellation after the rental period starts will not be refunded. In case the renter does not receive the car on the agreed day and time without notice (by phone or e-mail) the reservation is canceled after 3 hours and will be charged with one day rental.

Pick-up and drop-off locations are Thessaloniki Port, Thessaloniki Airport, Macedonia Intercity Bus Station, Chalkidiki Intercity Bus Station, Thessaloniki Railway Station, Hotel (upon request) and our office. In case of out-of-hours service the customer is charged an additional charge of 20 euros.

It is the simplest way to secure the collection of possibly additional charges that may arise during or at the end of the lease. Such charges can be the addition of an additional driver, the length of the rental, the refueling, fines for traffic offenses, damage, extra mile and more.

You can choose whether to pay by card or cash. However, you will be required to cover the guarantee (400 euros) either by your credit / debit card commitment or by cash. The amount of the guarantee will be refunded upon termination of the lease if no additional charges have been incurred.

The tenant is responsible for fines, traffic violations, illegal parking and administrative penalties, who are obliged to pay and deliver a certified copy of the deed or proof. Otherwise the amount of the fine / infringement charge (plus the administration costs € 15) will be charged by our company either after the infringement has been declared by him at the time of delivery of the vehicle, or after notification by the police or municipal authorities in a future time and without a time limit for such charges.